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Tutto Questo Sentire debut two site-specific events in Florence

Taking place consecutively on July 22 and 29, experimental artistic collective Tutto Questo Sentire present two new site-specific performances named ‘Atto Unico‘ at Museo Novecento (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Florence.

For the occasion TQS have invited Italian lutist Elisa e Giulia La Marca to perform with percussionist Elio Marchesini on the 22 July (Atto Unico Part One) and with Milanese modular synth explorer Nicola Ratti on 29 July (Atto Unico Part Two). The two events are conceived as a single work that deepens the interaction between the different nature of the musicians, the vision element and the voice.

TQS exists in the form of a series of site-specific events on the nature of sound and its relationship with video, time perception, environment awareness and live performance practices. Tutto Questo Sentire was founded in 2014 by visual artist Rebecca Salvadori, experimental opera singer Olivia Salvadori and composer / cellist Sandro Mussida.

Thursday, July 22, 21:30
Tutto Questo Sentire, Atto Unico Part 1 with Elisa e Giulia La Marca, Sandro Mussida, Elio Marchesini, Rebecca Salvadori

Thursday, July 29, 21:30
Tutto Questo Sentire, Atto Unico Part II with Olivia Salvadori voice, on lyrics by Michelangelo Buonarroti (original commission TQS), Sandro Mussida, Nicola Ratti, Rebecca Salvadori

Photo: Tylor Deyn and Riley Wolf, still from video, Rebecca Salvadori, 2018