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UMAN line up reissue of debut album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ on Freedom To Spend

First released in 1992 via Buda Musique, UMAN‘s debut new age album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ is being reissued for the first time courtesy of Pete Swanson’s and Jed Bindeman’s NYC-based imprint Freedom To Spend.

Following two pop albums released in the early 1990s, siblings Danielle and Didier Jean were eager to reject the conformity of the mainstream music leading them to relocate to Orsay, a suburb south of Paris, where they built a humble studio in isolation. ‘Chaleur Humaine’ was a modus operandi for their new, liberated perspective and this new space gave them the freedom to develop and experiment with ideas independently.

Consisting of 19-tracks, ‘Chaleur Humaine’ is a highly textural and esoteric album, abundant with dream state vocals that have been sampled, shifted and processed to create some truly surreal atmospheres. The reissue will be available in vinyl, CD and digital format. A portion of the proceeds from the release will be donated to Greenpeace France.

‘Chaleur Humaine’ is scheduled for release 17 September via Freedom To Spend. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Человечность (Chaleur Humaine – Russian)
2. UMAN Spirit
3. Aubade
4. Human Warmth
5. Entrelacs
6. Mémoire Vive
7. Chaleur Humaine
8. Cordes Sensibles
9. Maelström
10. البشري الحرارة
(Chaleur Humaine – Arabic)
11. Atmosphère
12. Calor Humano
13. Human
14. Hơi ấm của nhân loại (Chaleur Humaine – Vietnamese)
15. Lalala
16. Menselijke Warmte
17. Ménestrel
18. אנושית אש (Chaleur Humaine – Hebrew)
19. Déambulation