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Pace Yourself line up debut album from U.S Useless

Berlin-based record label Pace Yourself line up their next album release courtesy of the band U.S Useless – a sun-bleached LP exploring dream pop and post-punk.

Spanning 8 tracks and cover artwork by Robyn Claire Anderson, ‘Trust, Loss, Forever‘ is a nostalgic lo-fi soundtrack for hazy afternoons spent on the beach and living your best life on the riviera. It’s not for the club and nor should it be. Think Bibio meets Metronomy. Highlights include ‘Trust43vr‘, ‘Ohs‘, and ‘Emo is Tite’.

‘Trust, Loss, Forever’ is scheduled for release 25 August via Pace Yourself. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Beanz
2. Assblast
3. Ohs
4. Finale Trois
5. Emo is Tite
6. Sweet Song
7. Trust43vr
8. Sweet Song (Reprise)