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Inland mixes an all exclusive Arch Selections podcast

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Following previous editions from Irakli, Mozhgan & Solar, Cooper Saver and Horkheimer, Arch co-founder Inland steps up to deliver the 24th edition of the experimental mix series.

Spanning 23 tracks, Inland’s mix consists of music released exclusively on the Arch imprint, which has released 2 various artists cassette compilations, plus a live recording from JacqNoise and Peter Kirn, since the labels inauguration in 2021.

Inland next performs at Arch 0.6 taking place on Wednesday 24 August at ELSE, featuring live hybrid sets from Field Kit, Irakli, Mandingo Space Program, X-Tin + after-party with Inland & Amanda Mussi.

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1. Inland & Magna Pia – (intro)
2. Merrin Karras – Life On Small Planets
3. Kev Sheridan – Exploding Bursts of Colour
4. BNJMN – End Terminal
5. Inland – Interlude
6. Paule Perrier – The Way We Descend
7. Magna Pia – Jericho
8. Toxido Mask – Artemidorus
9. Perm & HAL – Schonig Fortab
10. Gilb’R – L’enfer du Décor
11. Johanna Knutsson – Farväl Allt Jag Vet
12. Mathias Schober – The Start of Something
13. John Gürtler – Evol Si Elpmis
14. Amandra – Potara
15. Fred Mann – Runaway
16. Mandingo – Nightdubbing IX
17. P. Lopez – KLR
18. Sam Goku – Another Odd Speech
19. Inland & John Gürtler – Harmony Squared
20. Jamaica Suk – Serenity in Chaos
21. Inland & Efdemin – Alabaster
22. Inland – Untitled
23. R. Kitt – But I Prefer It