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Village Underground announce techno centric club series “Seventh Day”

Following the success of Village Underground’s club series Superstition, the Shoreditch based club have announced a new techno orientated club series named “Seventh Day“.

As the name suggests, Seventh Day will take place on Sunday. We are also pleased to announce that Inverted Audio and Seventh Day will be working together to bring you a broad range of in-depth articles and special commissions surrounding events at Seventh Day.

Sunday 12th April will see Shifted and Kobosil joining Seventh Day’s first 12 hour techno marathon, along with residents Jay Clarke, Ashley Borg, Randolph and CSGRV.

Below you’ll find a description of what the creators of Seventh Day have to say about the series:

“Seventh Day is a series of Sunday parties designed for lovers’s of techno. Housed under the cavernous 18th century warehouse of Village Underground. Each party showcases 12 hours of techno curated by international and local masters of the craft. More than just a farewell to the weekend; Seventh Day is a platform for local artists and an invitation for veterans and newcomers to revel alongside like-minded people equally obsessed with music.”

Stay up to date with event announcements and special features by visiting the Seventh Day partner page on Inverted Audio.



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