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Chris Cunningham: Gucci Flora

Gucci, Chris Cunningham, and perfume…seems an odd combination, what would happen if you took a measure of the macabre and mixed it with the essence of Gucci? I’m going to assume that you are all aware of the global fashion house of Gucci.

What about this Cunningham fella’ eh? What do we see of Cunningham being delicate, his most notorious works are seen as nightmarish scenes of hell, totally fucked up…But once you get passed that, you start to appreciate what Cunningham has created.

Only then do you start working out these weird and twisted images, and suddenly finding them fascinating, questioning how he managed to create, capture and expose them. They mesmerize and fascinate you, exposing different environments and captivating mind sets.


With Cunningham’s seriously established reputation, his craftsmanship with video, no wonder Gucci approached him. The ‘Flora’ campaign is a combination of talent, Richard Ruini (REM), Frida Giannini (Gucci Creative Director) and Chris Cunningham. They have managed to create a visual feast perfectly, complemented by model Abbey Lee encapsulated in an intoxicating field of pink flowers, beautifully shot on location in Latvia during the summer of 2008.

Donna Summer swings in as the sun radiates and bathes the model in ecstasy. She pushes a wave of air which spirals around her and flows through her. She rises, and her dress explodes to form a kaleidoscopic image, chopping and twisting the fabric in perfect symmetry.