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Japanese producer Madegg premieres hypnotic video ‘National Water’

Hailing from Kyoto, on-the-rise producer Kazumichi Komatsu aka Madegg made a name for himself supporting the likes of Ryoji Ikeda, Clark, Mount Kimbie, Tom Hecker, The Field, Arca, Mark Fell and more, also taking part in SonarSound Tokyo / Osaka 2013 as the youngest artist that year.

NEW‘ is already his fourth long player in just five years. Melding industrial techno-isms and rugged house with subtle droning movements, the Japanese producer shapes a unique sound signature that keeps pushing boundaries between the secular and the sacred, establishing itself astride untamed rawness and demanding sophistication.

With his self-directed video for the equally delicate and physical ‘National Water‘, Madegg covers his hefty kicks with a veil of smoke. Shot at the north side of Lake Biwa aka Biwa-ko, which counts as the biggest lake in Japan, the video offers an abstract view of Komatsu’s music.

A stuttering light merges from an indistinguishable mass of trunks and foliage, unwinding a distant yet intimate message in morse-like language while the night engulfs its surroundings in the palms of its black-shaded hands. The camera may remain static, Madegg’s music travels afar common dimensions.

Madegg – National Water

Madegg – NEW

20 November 2015

Madegg New



1 Savages
2 Portrait of a Diagram
3 Palace of Robe
4 National Water
5 Chain
6 Dragon
7 Cave Reflection
8 Paste Dream
9 Lineage of Stones
10 Chandelier
11 Unicorn
12 EFS (CD Only)
12 Secret Track (LP Only)


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