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Music Video: HEROARKY – ASMR Tngle (Konx-Om-Pax)

Sydney-based electro-acoustic performer HEROARKY makes ties with renowned visual artist Konx-Om-Pax for the video of ‘ASMR Tngle‘, from his self-released ‘Anti-Gravity‘ LP.

Konx Om Pax, well-known for his visual counterparts for the likes of Lone, Martyn and Oneohtrix Point Never – not to mention his own musical productions released via Planet Mu – is a lofty ally for HEROARKY, but from the first moments to the last second the collaboration appears perfect sense.

Pax’s visual language marries immediately with the soft music winding from the speakers, instantly building a lush world of neon spirits and vibrant, otherworldly plant life. Blue light trails pirouette in an unlit forest, harmonically melding with the organic waverings produced by HEROARKY across the three-minute span. Progression is a light touch, the pair of artists instead weaving a frieze of this familiar yet alien landscape, a glimpse into imaginings of another world.

‘Anti-Gravity’ is out now. Order a copy from Bandcamp

Video Credits

Directed by Konx Om Pax
Filmed by Konx Om Pax
Edited by Konx Om Pax

Track Credits

Written & Produced by HEROARKY
Mastered by Pheek

ArtistReleased11 November 2020Genre