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Music Video: Daniel Van Lion – EVVANGELIA

Madrid’s MENTA imprint collaborate with visual artist Tirador to produce a video for Daniel Van Lion‘s new single, ‘EVVANGELIA‘, from the forthcoming album ‘UVVA‘.

With Van Lion also hailing from Madrid, MENTA make an all-star Spanish lineup by linking with Tirador. The digital conceptual artist is well equipped for the producing the work, having previously collaborated with high calibre electronic musicians including Ben Klock and Objekt, this music video marks no departure of quality.

As Van Lion’s music slaloms between dark low frequencies and bright gloss sheen, Tirador weaves a complex and arresting visual narrative. Border parameters of film strips flick past, demarcating false limits of the screen, as whispers of modern digital shapes flutter across the grainy repurposed footage. The video carries the pace of a poorly-timed stop motion video, urgent and with a prevailing tension.

Events and complexity begin to unfold, heralding the introduction of colour alongside a spike of energy in Van Lion’s source material. Tirador’s piece synchronises with the music in a display of total command over motion and fluidity, the viewfinder expanding and contracting to disorienting effect. Whilst the narrative remains elusive, the final impression remains untarnished.

‘EVVANGELIA’ is out now via MENTA. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Video Credits

Directed by Tirador
Music by Daniel Van Lion

ArtistLabelReleased18 November 2020Genre