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Music Video: Reptant – March Of the Repazoids

Lou Karsh dons his beloved Reptant alias for the moniker’s debut album, ‘Return to Planet X’trapolis‘, landing on home turf with Lou Karsh Records.

In the most expansive intergalactic journey into his enchanting fictional mythos yet, ‘Return to Planet X’trapolis‘ marks another rocket fuelled missive from the master of cold-blooded analogue electro. The listener is carried deep into Reptant’s origin planet, where lizards rule — but all is not well on Planet X’trapolis. A “greedy, capitalistic” lizard depletes natural resources as he builds an army, threatening otherwise peaceful life. To this peril, Reptant returns home…

In this music video, Lisa Meinesz weaves a wicked visual storyline for ‘March Of The Repazoids‘, one of the album’s many killer dance tracks. Staging your own art inside another’s personal, imagined universe is no doubt a daunting task for any artist, but here, Meinesz pulls off a wonder with apparent ease.

The video highlights the music’s inherent stealthy sabotage-mission vibe. Neon-green cross-hairs flicker over prospective reptilian targets and alien undergrowth, the screen decorated with visuals reminiscent of early 90’s imaginings of spacecraft displays. Sci-fi to the core, progressive scans of lizard anatomy take an almost sinister centre-stage. As the track’s pace and fervour increase, the x-ray scans of reptiles become increasingly intricate, the targets increasing in number and threat…

‘Return To Planet X’trapolis’ is scheduled for release 10 December via Lou Karsh Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Video Credits

Directed by Lisa Meinesz
Music by Reptant

ArtistLabelReleased10 December 2020Genre