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Music Video: mara – leaving me

"Whenever I'm writing music there is a powerful healing process
 happening, but in order to heal I need to release all of that stuff
 building inside, when producing or recording mixes I want listeners
 to fully convey the way I feel, falling deep into the sounds,
 exploring and walking with me in a sense."

These are the words of mara in an interview with Structures From Silence earlier this year. Since she took the leap and made the move to the Big Apple the lady instinctively found her pace, quickly establishing as a driving force in the local underground scene with the creation of Cultivated Sound – a Brooklyn-based music and event production team she initially co-founded alongside RTMC, pushing and promoting emerging artists and producers since 2015.

After over three years of intense work and absolute dedication, mara eventually steps up with her highly anticipated debut release on Ryan Wurst’s imprint, Always Human Tapes. Presented as a “manifestation of the feeling of being lost in time, and a means of letting go“, ‘without you‘ is an emotionally-charged glide across sorrowful beatless soundscapes and ambivalent melodic prisms.

Our premiere ‘leaving me‘ juxtaposes the languid voice of mara with slow-scudding pad motifs and subtly inlaid, twinkling synth stabs for three minutes of inertial ambient drifting. A truly bewitching, painkilling gem of a track, served with an exclusive video piece directed by label honcho Ryan Wurst himself. Here again the AHT boss works his 3D modeling magic neatly, showcasing his favourite anti-human average joe sitting alone in an anxiety-inducing mirror maze as glassy panels oppressively tighten their grip, progressively engulfing him into a grey-shaded abstract oblivion.

without you is out now via Always Human Tapes, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. leaving me
2. tape
3. cry me to sleep

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