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Music Video: Bary Center – Shell

American producer Bary Center shares his self-directed music video exclusively on IA – evoking the weird cult rituals of Eyes Wide Shut, kodachrome sorcery of Hausu and demoniac ambience of The Ninth Gate. Interlarded with cutaway shots of Bary himself, the dancers’ convulsive moves fit the rhythm and sound like a glove, mesmerising as can be.

Music Video: mara – leaving me

After over three years of intense work and absolute dedication with Cultivated Sound, mara eventually steps up with her highly anticipated debut release on Ryan Wurst’s imprint, Always Human Tapes.


Up this week in our podcast series, NY-based producer Bergsonist delivers a vibrant mix of wide-sweeping electronics, lushly forested by her all-consuming appetite for all types of music; melodic and harsh, groovy and gloom-mongering, happy and anxiogenic.

Blood Room / Micromelancolié: Creek Trax

Always Human Tapes newest outing comes courtesy of a pair of likeminded genre-busters in the persons of Seagrave co-founder Blood Room and Polish experimentalist Micromelancolié. Avant-garde and ultimately daring, high up there with the best of leading-edge electronic music.