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Premiere: Soul Tangler – Feel Love W/ U

You may not be familiar with Denver’s relentless tape-throwers Always Human Tapes as of yet but these guys have been consistently overflowing the ever-challenging underground market with some nasty reel-to-reel dopeness over the last couple of years, pushing forward in-house producers like Heckadecimal, TML or SZCH as well as the many aliases of label mastermind Ryan Wurst.

The label’s now ready to take over way beyond the frontiers of the US map, as confirmed by the inclusion of a full flock of the label’s productions in Karen Gwyer’s most excellent Truants podcast last year or more recently SZCH’s new record for 777 coming as an hard-earned reward to the low income $quad member’s previous works for the American label – notably played by Objekt during his set at Dekmantel a few weeks ago.

This time, many-faceted label boss Ryan Wurst returns under his main fear-inspiring moniker of Soul Tangler with ‘R-U?‘, a 12-track album available in cassette and digital formats. Staying true to his brutal mix of bone-crushing percussions, jagged grooves and glitchy overheated electronics, Wurst delivers a proper future-rave manifesto for the upcoming generations.

Today we’re glad to share a first extract off this infectious brain-melter, the excellent opening cut ‘Feel Love W/ U‘. Unshackling crazed toms, chopped-up vox and zenithal tides of synth’y gamma blasts, the Colorado-based producer demonstrates his ability at crafting some of the most delirious next-level dancefloor busters we got to hear lately. Brace yourselves.

R-U? is released via Always Human Tapes on August 23rd, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Feel Love W/ U
2. Undr
3. Grow ->
4. Yahtzeeeeeee
5. Blue In Face
6. Winnr/Losr
7. R-U?
8. Bleeeeeeedr
9. Place We Want To Be
10. Glimmer Of Accepting But Hope No
11. Mthr Fckr
12. Ovr

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