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Music Video: Bary Center – Shell

If you haven’t come across Bary Center‘s music yet, we strongly advise you to take a listen. Hailing from Appalachia, the unsung, hyperactive American producer has been around for a while but it’s only recently that his career seems to have got him the attention of better known underground labels, including the likes of Speaker Footage, Future DZ and Grey People’s TRAM Planet Records, and Always Human Tapes – eventually introducing him to a – slightly – larger audience.

Bary’s latest, ‘Betrayal‘, freshly out via Ryan Wurst’s AHT, finds him working the darkest of veins. Fusing droney synth bursts, rust-eaten drums and hissy, lo-fi textures within a morbid dungeon-like vibe, the mini-album best operates in the shadow – like a good horror movie is better appreciated all lights off. Lifted from that hellish package, we’re glad to share ‘Shell‘ – a Luciferian ripper that’ll leave pentagram-shaped prints on the dancefloor and beyond. Beware the number of the beast.

To illustrate the track, Bary also directed a video which we’re no short of happy to bring you exclusively on IA – evoking the weird cult rituals of Eyes Wide Shut, kodachrome sorcery of Hausu and demoniac ambience of The Ninth Gate. Interlarded with cutaway shots of Bary himself, the dancers’ convulsive moves fit the rhythm and sound like a glove; mesmerising as can be.

Betrayal is out now via Always Human Tapes, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Herd
2. Shell
3. Gamut
4. Identity
5. Despair
6. Memory

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