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Music Video: Tourist Kid – Bacterial

Rory Glacken’s latest LP as Tourist Kid is a fascinating collection of modernist sonic architecture. Steeped in abstraction and dizzying in its complexity, Crude Tracer evokes both the structural convolution and inherent harmony of natural forms across eight distinctive tracks. It’s fitting then, that the new video for album cut ‘Bacterial’ features simulated macro-shots of cellular mitosis, a natural process that somehow renders organic and ordered forms out of disorienting complexity and chaos.

Directed by Will Galperin & Evan Stalker, the video for ‘Bacterial‘ explores mathematical models of cellular division as a potent visual metaphor for “the messiness and beauty of change and growth.” As plaintive chords reverberate from the piano, feather-light textures of synthesized noise ebb and flow around them, summoning a sense of calm and tranquility that lends the captivating visuals an air of eerie poignance.

Crude Tracer is out now order a copy on Bandcamp. Stream the album in full via Spotify.


1. Example
2. Discourse II
3. Learn
4. Variegare
5. Know
6. UV Bleacher Tangent
7. Bacterial
8. Petrol

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