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Music Video: Merrin Karras – Dominions

Brendan Gregoriy (aka Chymera) returns for a second album on A Strangely Isolated Place under his ambient moniker Merrin Karras. Named after the famed Arctic sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, ‘Northwest Passage’ threads pure synth ice floes through an epic landscape of adventures in coruscated sound.

With a basis in Wavetable, FM and analogue synthesis, Gregoriy conjures widescreen dramatics from his studio, creating an album of deep, escapist ambient. And, let’s be truthful, who doesn’t need a bit of escapism in the increasing insanity of our world? And what a voyage this is – a vast seascape of nervy sound that leaves you feeling like you are the last one standing on Franklin’s doomed voyage into the Northwest Passage in 1845.

Digital artist Jan Goldfuß provides a compelling visual take on colossal album closer ‘Dominions’ which we are delighted to premiere for your audio visual pleasure.

‘Northwest Passage’ is out 23 March via A Strangely Isolated Place. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. The Gate
2. Passage
3. Meridian
4. He Became Something Else
5. Monument
6. Crevasse
7. Drawn, Quartered
8. Dominions

ArtistLabelReleased23 March 2020Genre