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Music Video: Mr. Eff – Midnight Predator

Released back in the winter of last year, Mr. Eff‘s ‘The Parallel‘ on Giallo Disco – like all synth-laden record nowadays – evokes a fractal of cinematic images associated to the golden era of Casio and Roland, when the music went from almost exclusively live-played/live-recorded to become heavily post-produced, actively participating in the unique ambience of John Carpenter’s films and Tangerine Dream-soundtracked pieces like the 1977-released ‘Sorcerer‘.

Still working wonders when associated with ’80s tribute films and series such as the acclaimed TV-show ‘Stranger Things‘ – as underlined by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon’s award-winning OST, this multi-hued mix of cosmic keyboard music and sci-fi indebted imagery is at the heart of Charlie Gerszewski’s short film for Mr. Eff’s ‘Midnight Predator‘, which we’re glad to present today.

A mysterious chase across wintery landscapes, a torch-bearing running woman cloaked in a pristine white outfit by way of distant nod to Vangelis ‘Chariots Of Fire‘, sensual vintage Chevrolet car curves, red revolving lights and telekinetic forces is what’s on the menu of this five-minute mini thriller where a man searches for the defected member of a snowy cult. Beautifully shot and edited, Gerszewski’s visual rendition makes for a real gem, sure to please the appreciators of emulated Prophet 5 synthlines and early ’80s B-movies all at once.

The Parallel is out now via Giallo Disco.


A1. There Will Be An End
A2. Midnight Predator
A3. No Escape
A4. Valley Of Shadows
A5. Dust
B1. Dreams / Nightmares
B2. Villain
B3. Safe Passage
B4. H E A R T T H R O B
B5. New Beginning

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