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Music Video: Notte Infinita – Slippery Tuff

Much of the music on INDEX:Records seems fixated on the future and the possibilities offered by human-machine collaboration. It’s a sentiment that courses through their most recent release, ‘I Lost All My Data’, the promising debut outing by Notte Infinita.

The title track from the release is a real woozy number. Machines start to boot up, fading in and out as they realise they don’t have quite enough juice to kick into life. All of this is punctuated by percussive glitches that align the track most closely with the more syrupy iterations of UK techno.

Also produced by Giovanni, the visuals for ‘Slippery Tuff’ pull together code, snapshots of browser usage, renders and footage of club nights. A myriad of stimuli vie for our attention in this densely populated electronic world, a stunning visualisation of contemporary digital habits.

‘I Lost All My Data’ is out now via INDEX:Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Video Credits

Music & Video produced by Giovanni Bonelli aka Notte Infinita

ArtistLabelReleased7 September 2021Genre