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Music Video: Wesqk Coast – Deadman

OOH-Sounds latest release, an eight-track album of staccato pointillism and sinuous emotion entitled ‘Clava‘ arrives courtesy of Italian producer Wesqk Coast.

incepBOY’s music video uses footage of a remarkable phenomenon in certain circles of Saudi culture to pop a car on its side and drift with the vehicle: seemingly lifted from a picture book in a fantasy reality, the large vehicles careen and slant at bizarre angles to the road, each moment they travel forward an affront to expectations and physics.

incepBOY draws parallel with this hair-raising stunt with artistic impressions of toxic masculinity, using text queues in flashed “subliminal” phrases waved in front of the viewer. Such phrases as ‘euphoria‘ relate in part to the adrenaline-fuelled machismo that seems to be a part of the vehicular trick, but also clash with the sedate drawl of the music, which seeps out the speakers seemingly in slow motion as the car spirals along its course.

‘Clava’ is out now via OOH-Sounds. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

ArtistLabelReleased29 October 2021Genre