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Music Video: Haruka Salt & Tongji – Everything We Love Will Fade In Time

Brooklyn-based imprint Toucan Sounds showcase Race aka SuperCyberTown’s video for Haruka Salt & Tongji’sEverything We Love Will Fade In Time‘ 4-track EP released in June of this year.

Race’s video, which is soundtracked by a condensed “mega-mix” version of the EP’s musical content, is a playful joyride through a wild and nonsensical environment, made using early access to the graphics program Unreal Engine 5. It acts as a sequel to the video produced for the OG GONG music video made for Toucan Sounds last year, with the “protagonist” travelling through imaginary worlds and meeting the weird entities that inhabit them.

The video kickstarts with neon synths and images of a car slowly materialising through digital fog, before popping into a clarity with the vehicle orbiting an asteroid belt surrounding a planet. Never resting, the sense of a search is conveyed through the perpetual shifting of the landscapes, with Haruka Salt & Tongji’s heady combination of psychedelic house and energetic electronics fuelling the visual trip, which culminates in some sort of dance-off celebration in front of a monolithic statue of a deity. A bizarre ride, but a perfect fit with the absurdist aspects of the music itself.

Everything We Love Will Fade In Time’ is out now via Toucan Sounds. Order a copy from Bandcamp

ArtistLabelReleased4 June 2021Genre