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Music Video: DJ Durbin – Grotchz

Earlier this year, DJ Durbin delivered his first solo release for ROW Records. An EP of diverse club sounds, ‘And You Told Me’ was followed by an appearance on Pressure Dome’s first INTL.Pressure compilation. The producer’s flair for crafting bass-heavy hybrid sounds was evident on both of these releases, but nowhere more so on the A1 of ‘And You Told Me’.

Filled with explosive energy and clever sound design, ‘Grotchz’ is hard to put into a box stylistically. Equally, the word itself is hard to define. For DJ Durbin, it’s come to stand for an attitude, the producer going on to say, “everyone is allowed to breathe their own life into the term”.

For the track’s music video, the artist and director Peter Haueis considered the question: how might one convey the feelings associated with raving given the constraints of the pandemic?

Haueis found answers in the form of Hamburg’s port, drawing aesthetic parallels with the origins of rave and the ways in which industrial spaces are frequently re-appropriated as venues. The use of two old Panasonic SVHS camcorders further emphasises the nineties feel as we follow the drifter protagonist. The director also drew inspiration from Rave by Rainald Götz, the influence of the author’s 1998 text perhaps discernible in the hazy club impressions that bookend the video.

‘And You Told Me’ is out now via ROW Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp

Video Credits

Director: Peter Haueis
DOP: Oliver Bassemir
1st AC: Zacharias Zitouni
Grip/2nd AC: Julian Krätzig
Production Assistant: Nadine Mayer
Edit: Peter Haueis
Colors: Maximilian Pauly/Monic Films
Special thanks to SLOT Hamburg and Rosi

DJ Durbin



ArtistLabelReleased23 February 2021Genre