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Music Video: Palazzi D’Oriente & Rebecca Salvadori – Flux 101

Flux 101 is the outcome born from the collaboration between Palazzi D’Oriente and video artist Rebecca Salvadori.

The track is a skittering, but listless stream of sounds and distorted, stretched and delayed vocal samples as they travel through a buffering server. This production finds that common ground between the energetic and the meditative, recalling those in-between night and day moments, when you aren’t sure whether you want to go home or stay for just one more choon.

The sentiment conveyed by the track and the images has nothing to do with nostalgia, but more with a sense of redemption, a deep desire to rejoin a place that is currently inaccessible and come together again with he people who live it and make it thrive.

Rebecca’s semiotic study of images investigates lines and colours analytically. As if they were the true subject of the artistic production of 2020. Free from any restriction and accessible to all.

The message conveyed by the two creative minds is clear, and it is not a case that the release dates chosen for the track and the video are close to the end of the year (respectively 10 and 15 December out on La Tempesta International): a turning point and a promise for 2021; the artistic production and the necessity to express oneself regardless of the circumstances.

The desire to give people something beautiful to get lost with, even for a few minutes. This year, culture and the places it thrives in have been transformed into empty mausoleums, yet even without a place to gather, the people animating its scene never stop moving and imagining new futures.

‘Flux 101’ is out now via La Tempesta International. Order a digital copy from Bandcamp.


Video by Rebecca Salvadori
Music written & produced by Palazzi D’Oriente
Released by La Tempesta International

ArtistLabelReleased10 December 2020Genre