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Music Video: Cristian Vogel – Peace La Roche

In conjunction with Cristian Vogel’s forthcoming album, ‘The Rebirth Of Wonky‘, due in February on his own label Endless Process, the veteran producer premieres his new music video for ‘Peace La Roche‘.

Vogel’s production here is emphatic, stocked high on a sense of individuality. A playful, waxy bassline slides underneath the heaven-facing synth licks and the minimal drum stack which threads the two together. In a rare feat, ‘Peace La Roche”s character is aptly rendered into a collage of futuristic images that embody the music in a harmonious melding of visual and aural stylistics.

There is a clear element and respect for the natural world from the first high-gloss images which greet the eyes: a network of ant tunnels, mapped and rendered in a 3D environment, rotate and twitch across the background of a sunset sky, before flickering into close-ups of paintings and images of the natural world, shifted and deformed.

As the story unfolds, parallels are drawn between this automated and mechanical world and the carefully curated natural environments of ants and insects, scurrying invertebrates now shuffling over motherboard-esque graphics and the names of jet-setter locations jumping back and forth.

Despite all this activity (and much more besides), there is a pervading calm to the piece: all is in its right place, and as an observer we simply glide over the scenes, Vogel’s production worn as wings.

‘The Rebirth Of Wonky’ is scheduled for release 5 February via Endless Process


1. When You Can’t Go Clubbing Anymore And Have To Dance With Oaks
2. What Goes Around Comes Around (2020)
3. The All Clear
4. Pendula
5. Acido Amigo
6. Peace La Roche
7. Thuja
8. Ici Le Fantôme C’est Moi
9. New Born Wise

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