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Music Video: Peter Kirn – SOlitude, freeFAll

Peter Kirn, musician and manager of music tech and visual website CDM, partners with 3D graphics artist DEFASTEN to create a music video for Kirn’s latest album ‘Chromatic Adaptation‘.

The album, landing on Kirn’s label Establishment Records, is a rough-edged ambient affair that sits on the limits of comfort and unease, smooth refrains sliding momentarily into off-key adventures before snapping back into focus.

For the music video, itself entitled ‘SOlitude,freeFAll‘ DEFASTEN takes the fourth track, ‘SOlitude rests, olive on the tongue‘ and creates a frozen world for the music to resound within. Fittingly for the music, DEFASTEN’s chosen environment is a moving snapshot from the aftermath of some disastrous event onboard a spaceship — the music flickers in misbehaviour, flaring up here and there, whilst coasting in a sort of free fall. Displays blare red warnings, and various debris floats around in chaos, a protagonist of sorts joining them in unconscious motion around the capsule.

The mayhem is not total, a strange serenity in the music being matched by the visuals. Luminescent streaks, seemingly organic in nature, float through the air, moving towards a point of convergence, as the black universe outside moves past in haste. The scenes within the chamber, and the soundtrack provided by Kirn, are at odds with their apparent context, leaving the calming impression that all is, in fact, as it should be — no matter how severe the immediate surroundings.

‘Chromatic Adaptation is out now on Establishment Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. REmind me in the cherry days
2. MIxed up marigold petals
3. FAll like butter rain
4. SOlitude rests, olive on the tongue
5. 5 LAugh out the lapis tunes
6. for TIme is an indigo tincture
7. DOn’t know what I’ll do when you’re gone

ArtistLabelReleased20 November 2020Genre