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Music Video: Mansur – Temple II (Sympatheia)

The ever-exploratory Denovali Records brings forth new imagery for ‘KARMA‘, an album from Mansur, a group formed of Jason Kohnen, Dimitry El-Demerdashi, and Martina Horváth.

Spacious and expansive in sound, the trio show adept skill at constructing familiar and yet unforeseen alternate realities through their music, combining classical instrumentation, electronic composition and choral layers to hypnagogic effect. Like stumbling through a new world without fear, their sound is comforting yet also carries a strong sense of the illusory.

This mismatch of the tangible and imaginary is brought to the fore through the video for ‘Temple II (Sympatheia)‘. Comprised entirely of digitally realised imagery, rendered in the cosmic palette of gold and deep blue, the video seems to be a form of codex, an encoded guide to the themes of the album.

Simple lines bend of their own volition into forms resembling sacred geometry, the eye and the mind recognising their forms before they shift into another. At first simple, then complex, fractal images that draw focus, the shapes gradually increase in depth and scope as they jump from vast cosmic diagrams to opaque equations. By the close of the video, the screen is covered in a shroud of gold inlay, shifting through spectral forms that narrate the sonic tale perfectly, without the use of words.

‘KARMA’ is out now via Denovali. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Aurelius
2. Temple II (Sympatheia)
3. Amor Fati
4. Memento Mori
5. Limina
6. Logos
7. Pathos
8. Premeditatio Malorum
9. Faustina
10. Eudaimonia (Amor Fati II)

ArtistLabelReleased11 December 2020Genre