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Music Video: Private Agenda – Aura

Luscious sax solos, post-balearic pop flavours, ’80s-stamped synths, exotica-laced atmospherics and afro-funk interjections: the sound of Berlin-based duo Private Agenda is one to soundtrack the hottest of summer nights and wildly erotic boogie sessions, suavely designed to take the dance floor to upper levels of buoyancy; from sweat-pouring peak time rolls to the quiet of a lax sunday morning.

Just a few days away from the release of their much anticipated debut full-length for Lo Recordings, ‘Île de Reve‘, we’re proud to present the premiere of the music video for the equally elegant and catchy single ‘Aura‘, recently issued on a distinct eponymous EP and available on the CD version of the album exclusively.

Taking us on a trip down memory lane, the video seamlessly makes the rounds between pastel-coloured phantasmagoria and straight out naive, eighties-infused pop imagery, easing us into both familiar and intriguingly foreign territories in one fell swoop. Sophisticated but rife with fun nods to visuals from a not so distant past, this one gets to grips with the codes and stereotypes of long-lost ideals in a sincere, and most endearing manner. Just let the breezy nostalgia kick in.

Île de Reve is out now via Lo Recordings, order your a copy from Juno (CD/Vinyl).

Directed & Produced by Boyter and Pope
Producer: William Pope
Producer: Francis Boyter
Art Director: Celina Bassili
Costume Stylist: Laura Jimenez
1st Assistant Director: Alex Styles
Make-Up Artist: Jess Saywell
Special Thanks: Richard Barr & Aggie Romeril

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ArtistLabelReleased1 July 2019Genre