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Music Video: Leo James – Desert Nightflower

After providing us with some of the finest EBM-laced techno in recent memory, issued mainly through the likes of his own imprint Body Language, with a detour via Vienna’s Neubau, Melbourne-based producer Leo James took a rather bold bend towards ambient music in 2017 with ‘Event Horizon‘ for Berceuse Heroique.

Following in the footsteps of this much promising debut on a further ASMR-compatible path, James returns with ‘Infinity‘ – a blissed-out, multi-sensory glide of sorts for NYC’s Patience, an exciting young label focused on longer form works.

True to the limpid, ethereal beauty of its title, the lavishly nuanced ‘Desert Nightflower‘ is as ravishing a listen as it’s deep an immersion, “impressionistically tracing the lifecycle of a flower’s bloom in the desert night – from the searing afternoon sun through dusk’s chill” as the label aptly sums up.

To illustrate the journey, the guys put together a fine video montage of images lifted from nature documentaries and diversely sourced snaps of the wild’s ever fascinating flora and fauna, woven accordingly to the changes of moods and colours innervating James’ slo-mo Hassellian drift. A jazzy nu age delight exuding riveting production finesse and peerless sensitivity.

Infinity is out now via Patience, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Desert Nightflower
2. Infinity

Discover more about Leo James and Patience on Inverted Audio.

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