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Music Video: Kamikaze Space Programme – Sparks

For those not in the know, Chris Jarman aka Kamikaze Space Programme has had a storied history. If you start with the Kamikaze Space Programme project itself, you will recognise him as a proponent of razor sharp techno with has heavy bottom end aftertaste. He has graced the likes of the Electronic Explorations podcast series – helmed by Rob Booth – and has releases spanning the likes of Mote Evolver, WNCL Recordings, Eotrax and Deca Rhythm.

Others, who enjoy joining the dots through time via Discogs will make the connection to the alias Raiden. A key part of the post-millennium drum and bass scene that found its roots outside of the capital in Bristol, Jarman was found weaving a line between top tier labels such as Renegade Hardware and Hospital Records.

Now we find ourselves tying together these two distinct halves as a whole as Kamikaze Space Programme announces his debut album ‘Dead Skin Cells‘ on Osiris Music. With breaks enjoying a renaissance – thank you Special Request – within and alongside regular four on the floor music after being unfairly maligned for so long, Kamikaze Space Programme brings the best of Raiden’s drum and bass sensibilities to the fore.

We’re privileged to be able to showcase the video – from director Geso – for lead track ‘Sparks‘, which demonstrates this aptly. Quoting from the source, the video represents “the subject of ‘waste’, all kinds of contemporary human-made waste such electronic, plastic, radioactive. A sum of all those issues that represent modernity and at the same time our own downfall in terms of ecology.”

The video is somewhere between a 3D rendered space, CCTV captures and streaming buffering artefacts, “It’s said that objects and places can keep a sort of energetic memory, the flashes with historic scenes that appear in this video are a representation of that memory being printed and leaving a glitched trace in time”.

‘Dead Skin Cells’ is out now via Osiris Music, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Skin Cells
2. Sparks
3. Dust
4. Rain
5. Insomnia
6. Crumbs
7. Derelict
8. Grey Clouds
9. EF5
10. An Empty Sky

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