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Music Video: Simo Cell ‘Cellar Door’ – Directed by Ndayé Kouagou

Celebrating the release of Simo Cell’s debut EP today (31st July 2015) on Livity Sound’s sub label dnuoS ytiviL, we’re proud to bring you the video premiere for his track ‘Cellar Door, directed by talented friend and regular collaborator Ndayé Kouagou.

Fueled on the Internet’s multi-sourced designs, over-branding fetishism and glitchy mayhem, Kouagou’s art explores an extreme graphic landscape with a hyper-stylized take on a constantly hybridising, technology-centric visual grammar.

Fading into minimalistic psychedelia as the first drop hits the floor, this shape-shifting assemblage of flat surfaces and 3D matter subdued to perpetual FX alteration makes for a perfect extension to Simo Cell’s pared-down, bassy moves and subtle sound equilibrium.


A. Cellar Door
B. Piste Jaune

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