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Warp announce Aphex Twin ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP’

Warp Records have just announced that Aphex Twin will release a new 13 track ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP’ on 23rd January 2015, available in 140g vinyl as well as CD and digital formats.

Upon closer inspection, it looks like Aphex Twin is releasing a selection of new tracks spanning from 0:09 seconds to 4:46mins, no doubt a collation of new tracks and brief experiments.

You can pre-order ‘Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP’ through


1. diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13
2. snar2 0:12 Aphex Twin
3. diskhat1 2:15 Aphex Twin
4. piano un1 arpej 0:30 Aphex Twin
5. DISKPREPT4 1:31 Aphex Twin
6. hat 2b 2012b 1:15 Aphex Twin
7. disk aud1_12 0:09 Aphex Twin
8. 0035 1-Audio 0:02 Aphex Twin
9. disk prep calrec2 barn dance [slo] 4:22 Aphex Twin
10. DISKPREPT1 3:30 Aphex Twin
11. diskhat2 0:38 Aphex Twin
12. piano un10 it happened 1:48 Aphex Twin
13. hat5c 0001 rec-4 4:46 Aphex Twin

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