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Watch Ajukaja & Andrevski’s music video ‘Mesilind’ directed by Thierry Phung

After almost 12 months of silence from London based imprint Levels, Jon Rust’s record label make their return with Ajukaja & Andrevski’s 2-track follow up ‘Looking For Something That’s Not There’.

Following their bleeped out house effort ‘Rare Birds’ EP in 2014, Ajukaja & Andrevski’s second release is an electronic ode to the honey bee, as ‘Mesilind’ translates poetically from the Estonian to “honey bee”.

London based director Thierry Phung, who made visuals for NTS’s birthday, has created a music video for ‘Mesilind’, presenting a tripped out montage of subterranean environments to compliment the track.

‘Looking For Something That’s Not There’ is out now on Levels, order a vinyl copy from their web-store.


A. Looking For Something That’s Not There
B. Mesilind


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