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Premiere: Efdemin’s remix of Orlando Voorn’s ‘Gain Upwards’

Operating from Berlin since 2011, Out Electronic Recordings (OUT-ER) has kept purveying a consistent array of cutting-edge techno over the years. Cementing its place as a solid headquarters for the Italian diaspora, the label has elaborately set up a serious stable of producers amongst which figure The Analogue Cops, Andrea Santoro and LaChriz to name a few.

Today we’re talking remix duty with Orlando Voorn’sGain Upwards Remixes‘, a plate that counts as the first remix EP to come out on Out-Er and lacing four variations of a track initially released on Voorn’s LP Black Diamond. Detroit’s legend and longtime friend of the Dutch producer Juan Atkins hops in for a vigorous treat that’s all about spinning bleeps and rumbling bass combers before ROD drops a minimal stomper propelled by maximal kicks.

Breaking the flip side in, the rework of Dial and Ostgut-Ton regular Efdemin offers another chaplet of pummeling kicks but edulcorates its 4 / 4 brutality with a pinch of ethereal pads and spuming bass bubbles for a modular ride through techno limbo. Closing the circle, Haiku’s version unveils a lighter cut of mental techno with its mind-intrusive, high-pitched melody and backwashing strings that feel like slowly but surely thrusting you into a quicksand pool. Solid.

Gain Upwards Remixes is released on 22nd June 2015.


A1 Gain Upwards (Juan Atkins remix)
A2 Gain Upwards (ROD remix)
B1 Gain Upwards (Efdemin remix)
B2 Gain Upwards (Haiku remix)


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