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Watch Marcel Dettmann’s new film ‘Seduction’ produced by Parker Ellerman

 has collaborated with Berlin-based director Parker Ellerman to produce a nine-minute-long music video of a dark, twisted story about lust, fetish, loss of control, fear, and madness – reflecting all the elements and moods that can be found in Dettmann’s music.

The movie Seduction has to be understood as homage to the German expressionist movies of the 1920s. To achieve this, Ellerman worked with the scenery of modern Berlin and contrasts it with surreal elements and black and white imagery.

It tells the history of a woman who unintentionally kills her partner in the course of amorous play and as a consequence suffers severe feelings of guilt. Those increase inside of her and manifest in a persecution complex. The cause of the accidental death of the man is a suffocation game of the two of them in which she suffers some kind of an epileptic attack. The so­called temporal lobe epilepsy can cause extreme religious delusions in the person concerned. This topic serves as the basis of the story.

Watch ‘Seduction’ on YouTube or Vimeo.

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