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Watch Sculpture’s hypnotic new video ‘Hackle Scam Populator’

Audio-Visual experimentalists Sculpture have revealed the second music video for their forthcoming album ‘Membrane Pop‘, scheduled for release on 13th May 2014 via Software Recording Company.

If you’ve had the chance to see Sculpture play live then you’ll understand how Reuben Sutherland (the visual side of Sculpture) creates these hallucinogenic spiragraphs using an array of a acetate plastic sheets, spun frantically on a turntable, which are then captured by a video camera and projected onto a screen.

Hackle Scam Populator is exactly what you would expect to see at a Sculpture live show. The imagery, dynamism and energy that goes into creating these visuals determine Sculpture as one of the more spectacular acts in experimental music. Watch the video on YouTube.

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