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Watch the video for Roman Flügel’s Verschiebung EP

With the release of Roman Flügel‘s ‘Verschiebung‘ EP just around the corner, Oliver Hafenbauer’s mystery-shrouded imprint Die Orakel present a special video for the first number, edited by regular visual collaborator Stefan Haag – best known as Chinaski.

A ballet of geometric shapes and optical illusions interspersed with images of Flügel and automatons, the finely-hewn video makes for a fitting complement to the German producer’s “16-step sequencer excursions“, invoking full-on mesmeric figures and helical groove to keep the mind numb and feet shuffling.

Verschiebung is released via Die Orakel on August 5th, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Verschiebung 1
A2. Verschiebung 2
B1. Verschiebung 3
B2. Verschiebung 4

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