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Wesqk Coast explores lucid dreams and fourth world on ‘Clava’

Following the release of Wesqk Coast‘s abstract album ‘S.T.A.S.H‘ in 2019, the producer returns to experimental Italian imprint OOH-sounds with his second full length ‘Clava‘.

Produced amidst isolation, ‘Clava‘ is a highly conceptual display of leftfield aural soundscapes, exploring both alienation and vulnerability, resulting in “fragmented vocals, pointillist hints, abstract strumming, cascading percussion and pop mutations.” – Fans of Autechre take note.

‘Clava’ is scheduled for release 29 October via OOH-sounds. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. deadman
2. stuck
3. coping
4. cingiz
5. advice
6. eu genetics
7. group
8. coring