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Premiere: Haramia Tapes – Shadows Blooming

Having released 4 EP’s of the finest quality, Baroque Sunburst make their first step into album territory with ‘Daydreaming‘ from Laurine Frost‘s alias Haramia Tapes.

A production alias of Hungarian electronic music producer Laurine Frost, with a disparate discography scattered across the likes of the Marionette and LYKA labels, Haramia Tapes’ offering for Baroque Sunburst aligns Frost’s prior work with the brilliantly skewed and off-kilter electronic offerings the label have graced us with to date.

Dark on the surface, yet under-lit with a brilliant light, ‘Daydreaming‘ dances on interlocking lines denoting the borders of dance music and broader genres under the electronic umbrella, evading succinct description while simultaneously being instantly familiar.

Our selection — a choice hard made from the 7 tracks on offer — is ‘Shadows Blooming‘, an illustrative Film Noir journey missing only a narrator’s lines rasped out behind a veil of cigarette smoke. Frost’s percussion is styled on cool jazz, woven together with dub studio tactics, forming a gentle rain against the windshield as siren-synths careen past in the night. Charismatic to the extreme, ‘Shadows Blooming‘ might not sonically represent the album, but it surely demonstrates the stylistics of Haramia Tapes, and the avenues of music Baroque Sunburst draw to themselves.

‘Daydreaming’ is scheduled for release 15 October via Baroque Sunburst. Order a copy from Bandcamp or Honest Jon’s.


1. Helicoid
2. Into The Luminous Future
3. Clowns
4. Limp
5. Evening Theme
6. Shadows Blooming
7. Jaguar Dream