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William Basinski to perform live audio visual performance of ‘Cascade’ in Berlin

Next week in Berlin American tape loop manipulator William Basinski will present a live audio visual performance of his stunning album ‘Cascade‘ at the intimate venue of Acud Macht Neu on Thursday 16th November 2017.

William Basinski is perhaps the crossover star of the minimalist ambient world, his influence spreading into corners hitherto untouched by his techniques. Toying with the workings of nostalgia, the Los Angeles-based artist uses decomposing repetition to evoke strange yearnings for a more innocent, guilt-free past; the intense emotional reactions his music fosters being often underwritten by contextual stories and personal revelations.

Even though it only came out in 2015, Basinski’s album ‘Cascade‘ was actually exclusively made up of archival recordings from the 1980s. The 40 minute audio-journey relies on a single piano tape loop stretched and modulated, carrying the listener along in its tessellating current for an infinite glide across space and time, haunting way beyond its actual listening frame.

The event is presented by Berlin based experimental record label Metzger Therapie, who have previously hosted events with Fennesz, Noveller, Phurpa, Daimon and many more. With only 150 tickets available, better act quick to cop one of the last remaining tickets. 

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