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Yilan weaves between tempos for Newtype Rhythms

Another week brings another episode of Newtype Rhythms. This time our sister mix series elects to give the guest mix reigns to a UK-based up-and-comer who’s been heralded by the likes of bass power-players such as the Keysound crew, Dis Fig and Simo Cell — the man known as Yilan.

He’s quickly coming around as an extremely unique producer; melding a multitude of tempos and genres through a lens that can be appreciated far and wide. With his forthcoming release on US imprint Jelly Bean Farm, he elects to expand with tunes that can be both meditative and maddening depending on your dance floor inclinations.

Similarly, Yilan’s guest mix for the show provides a similar expanse, full of twists, turns and plenty of exclusive dubs to boot. Be sure to dive in for a hefty show of rhythmic buoyancy; his mix starts at around 44 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead starting things off as always.

P.S. – You might notice there’s a few Cooly G tracks included — considering the unfortunate circumstances that have befallen her due to losing her belongings in a self-storage fire, we are asking anyone who has a chance to listen to the show or check out this page to consider donating to the GoFundMe page that has been setup to assist her.


00:00 – 44:18 – mixed by Sheepshead

1. Thomas Ragsdale – The Uncertainty Principle
2. Henry Greenleaf – In Same
3. Sven Weisemann – Decimation (Valve tR9 Mix)
4. Schatrax – The Almighty
5. Martyn & Four Tet – Glassbeadgames (8 Hours at Fabric Dub)
6. Wax – Wax 60006A
7. Midland – Archive 01
8. Cooly G – Love Again
9. Benjamin Damage – ETI Rework
10. Giant Swan – The Plaque
11. Cooly G – Dis Tribal Boy
12. Ramadanman – Humber (Sven Weisemann Remix)

44:34 – END – mixed by Yilan

1. Actress – Xoul Particles [Werk Discs]
2. Yard – Void [Youth]
3. Yilan – Fosbury Flop [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]
4. Yilan – Diaspora [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]
5. Yak – Ocean Floor [3024]
6. Yak – Kaepora [forthcoming Version]
7. DJ Polo – Palm Emoji [More Time]
8. Lack – Multiplier [Cong Burn]
9. Perth Drug Legend – Monzievaird [Turbo Recordings]
10. Henry Greenleaf – Snide [unreleased]
11. Chekov – Long Term Space Graffiti [unreleased]
12. Cabasa – CTBS [unreleased]
13. Ren – Dum Funk [unreleased]
14. Wooda – Phyllotaxis [unreleased]
15. Mike Drones & Padawan Sound & Manga – What Type Of Vibe [unreleased]
16. Ebb – Orbital Resonance [unreleased]
17. Grey Area 05 – Grey Area 05 #1 [Grey Area]
18. Wooda – Revive [unreleased]
19. Yilan – Devil’s Breath [forthcoming Jelly Bean Farm]
20. Yilan – Devil’s Breath (Weightless Mix) [unreleased]
21. Ihor Okuniev – Tranquility [Rassvet]
22. ZULI – Akhtuboot (feat. Abyusif) [UIQ]

Discover more about Yilan on Inverted Audio.