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Ghostly International line up 100% Galcher double LP

To say this is a long time coming is an understatement – Galcher Lustwerk‘s Blowing Up The Workshop mixtape is being released as a double LP in December courtesy of Ghostly International.

First uploaded on 19 June 2013 via Matthew Kent’s now defunct mix series, 100% Galcher presented a one hour mix of 16 tracks produced exclusively by the New York-based producer Galcher Lustwerk, a core member of the White Material crew alongside Young Male and DJ Richard.

Achieving instantaneous fame for his unique take on lo-fi and hip-house, Lustwerk essentially kick started his entire career with this mixtape and has been on rotation here at Inverted Audio for many years.

‘100% Galcher’ is scheduled for release 2 December via Ghostly International. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Stem
2. Parlay
3. Put On
4. Outside The Club
5. I Neva Seen
6. Stem
7. Enterprise
8. Stem
9. Kaint
10. In The Place
11. Stem
12. Cricket’s Theme
13. Fifty
14. Dockside
15. Lil Bit O Chocolit