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Ahem explore CIA acid mind control on debut album for Housecraft Recordings

Housecraft Recordings break their brief 10 year hiatus with the announcement of Ahem‘s debut self-titled album arriving in August, marking the imprints first major vinyl release since 2012.

Ahem is a new collaborative project between J.P. Wright, Housecraft label boss Jeffry Astin (aka Xiphiidae, Digital Natives, Tricorn and Queue) and fellow North Carolina-based producer Brian Kinkade.

The album was recorded over a single weekend in late September 2020 at Jeffry Astin’s home in the remote setting of Black Mountain, North Carolina. Speaking via email, JP Wright expressed “it’s not exactly a concept record but sort of deals in a very tongue in cheek way with certain themes, namely CIA acid mind control, MKUltra, paranoia, conspiracy stuff, etc.”

Spanning 8 tracks, ‘Ahem‘ is a dense exploration into ambient, drone, experimental and noise, resulting in an intricate sound collage that infiltrates the senses. Track highlights include ‘Project Bluebird’ and ‘One Hand Washes The Other’. Joe Roberts (aka LSD Worldpeace) provided the album’s cover art. Turn off, tune out, drop in.

‘Ahem’ is scheduled for release 5 August via Housecraft Recordings. order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Angels Whisper (PSPSPS)
2. Cryptids
3. Kuwabara Kuwabara
4. Project Bluebird
5. Back in the bush
6. One Hand Washes The Other
7. Northwoods
8. …and drunk the milk of paradise