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Andy Stott lines up ‘Never The Right Time’ LP on Modern Love

Following the release of his stunningly crafted ‘It Should Be Us‘ LP in 2019, Andy Stott announces his next album on Modern Love.

Never The Right Time‘ LP marks a decade since the release of ‘Passed Me By‘ – a masterfully deep and shadowy album of claustrophobic electronics and thumping dark dub that blew our minds upon first listen.

Written throughout 2020 and said to be inspired by the music the Manchester-based producer was listening to, ‘Never The Right Time‘ features hauntingly beautiful vocals from Alison Skidmore plus “hours of raw material; slow horns, sibilance, delayed drums, wondering flutes”.

As you can expect the results are nothing less than spectacular. Nine tracks, straight from the catacombs of Manchester’s finest. We won’t reveal all, but personal highlights include ‘Never The Right Time‘, ‘Repetitive Strain‘, ‘Don’t Know How‘ and ‘Answers‘.

‘Never The Right Time’ is scheduled for release 16 April via Modern Love.


1. Away Not Gone
2. Never The Right Time
3. Repetitive Strain
4. Don’t Know How
5. When It Hits
6. The Beginning
7. Answers
8. Dove Stone
9. Hard To Tell