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Premiere: Anmon – Tuvan I-II

Prague’s Yuku store and label are off to a flying start this year, with a rapid release schedule of essential electronic music pouring from the burgeoning label across a plethora of electronic music genres. Anmon, a project formed by French producers DJ Saint Pierre and Ténèbre, are next up with a self-titled EP.

Our premiere, ‘Tuvan I-II‘, is a 10-minute cut shared as the artists intended, and as vinyl listeners will be exposed to the explosion of frantic energy: a joyride in a burning vehicle that hurtles across its playtime at a breakneck pace, before switching to a more spacious finale that packs no less of a punch.

Running fast at circa 150BPM, the first act’s kerosene-powered bassline and beartrap-tight breaks grant an impression of something much faster as it rushes for the throat, veering off-key harmonics slicing through the functional dance gear.

By the mid-point bridge you might well be grateful for the opportunity to catch a breath. The track leans back — just a little — granting room for the individual elements to shine. Despite this, there’s no loss of urgency, rather a reframing of the initial surge of energy that allows for greater possibilities with mixing. A weapon in the right hands.

‘Anmon’ is scheduled for release 25 March via Yuku. Order a copy.  


1. Piano
2. Phare
3. Tuvan I-II
4. BR-8