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Sound artist and composer Lea Bertucci announces ‘A Visible Length Of Light’

American composer and multi-instrumentalist Lea Bertucci has announced the release of her next full-length album, landing in April through on her own imprint Cibachrome Editions.

Consisting of eleven tracks, ‘A Visible Length Of Light‘ is a deeply personal body of electroacoustic music, exploring the pandemic induced sense of “dislocation and the desire to be elsewhere”.

Laced with subtle nods to Bertucci’s long-standing immersion in early 20th Century American traditional music (folk, bluegrass, jazz, and gospel), the site-responsive album reflects “impressions of American landscapes: coasts, cities, the prairie – the sonic stuff of our everyday experiences that has become defamiliarised through crisis.”

“This record is an abstract contemplation of what it means to be American, and the dissonance of living in a place that is a lie, a naive ideal, yet somehow crucial to one’s sense of self. The feeling of physically inhabiting a space, but the relationship to that space becoming overwhelming. The desire to seek truth and transcendence through all the confusion. My hope is that the album can provide the listener with moments of comfort, transcendence, disquiet and catharsis, to help grapple with the upheavals of these times.”

Additionally the album marks the relaunch of Cibachrome Editions and will be presented on vinyl in a standard edition of 475 copies, plus a deluxe edition of 25 copies that includes a custom-printed endless loop cassette containing an extended version of the track “Threshes”.

‘A Visible Length Of Light’ is scheduled for release 16 April via Cibachrome Editions. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. On Opposite Sides of Sleep
2. Refrain (A Whisper, An Alarm)
3. A Visible Length of Light
4. Refrain (A Shortness of Breath)
5. Threshes
6. To Bridge the Chasm of Experience
7. Refrain (The End of the Familiar)
8. The Beacon
9. An Arc of the Horizon
10. Grasslands
11. Refrain (Of Infinitude)