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Premiere: Wanderist – Translucid Dreams

Maarten Smeets, one half of Dam Swindle is better known for channelling funky, disco-tinged and vocal-led house, but switches focus here to another indigenous Detroit style by doing his own electro acid breaks for Will Saul’s Aus Music.

His ‘Translucid Dream’ EP has plenty of that original swing, clarity and rhythm of Detroit and even reminds of those softened-up electro slayers from Den Haag across 4 brimmin’ with emotion tracks. This will be the Amsterdam man’s second solo release on the label.

Our pick ‘Translucid Dreams’ is a funk led lil’ bleeping track, who’s acidic bass lead and some quirky stabs help it stay away from any sort of Drexciya or Exaltics knock-off. Inoffensive party electro?…Not quite. This has more meat on the bones, evidenced by the three other pumpers on the EP. It still has that classic broken beat but the drums are given some modulated flamboyance and the 808-y hi-hats get mellowed out by a wistful processed vocal sample.

‘Translucid Dreams’ is scheduled for release March 26 via Aus Music. Order a copy from Beatport.


1. Machines Have Feelings Too
2. Translucid Dreams
3. U Got Love
4. 4.Astral Highways