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Premiere: Helter – Chord Circles

North London-based producer Helter lines up his first extended player of the year on Best Passer, a six-track release named ‘Double Crush‘ that chases his releases in 2020.

Forged from elements of house, the producer’s sound across the EP veers from lively bass-driven music to more downbeat and techy electronic jams, and shows a breadth of production styles which are still united by a particular musical identity, with warmth and passion on display.

Chord Circles‘ starts the party with stuttering sweeps reminiscent of the closing moments of hazy summer days. Sparingly, elements are gradually brought in, amping the energy up and steadily boosting the danceability of those sweeps.

A balanced and emotional bridge sets the precedent for the rest of the track: not lingering on one mood, Helter successfully merges multiple musical ideas into ‘Chord Circles‘ from this point on, rarely sitting still for too long. Still clearly riding the same train of emotion, it’s testament to his vision that the track remains a clear-cut whole despite the introduction of many new sounds and approaches.

‘Double Crush’ EP is scheduled for release 23 March via Best Passer. Order a copy from Bandcamp.  


1. Chord Circles
2. Dust Mosaic
3. Respite
4. Absence
5. Step Away
6. Fixable