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Anthony Naples unveils fifth album ‘orbs’ on ANS Recordings

Following the release of his ‘Chameleon‘ LP in 2021, Brooklyn-based producer Anthony Naples marks his return to his own ANS imprint in June with the release of his fifth studio album ‘orbs‘.

Since his debut EP on Mister Saturday Night over a decade ago, Naples has used his full-lengths, save for 2019’s ‘Fog FM‘, to explore ambient, dubby electronic textures beyond the dancefloor filler that made him popular.

Spanning ten tracks of mid-tempo electronica, ‘orbs‘ is said to convey “a moody portal of shoegazed and slow motion songs suspended in thin air.”‘ – the album is not free of rhythm, the beats feel more attuned to solitary, contemplative listening.

‘orbs’ is scheduled for release on 2 June via ANS Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Photo by Jenny Slattery


1. Moto Verse
2. Orb Two
3. Morph
4. Silas
5. Gem
6. Ackee
7. Scars
8. Strobe
9. Tito
10. Unknow