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Premiere: Istari Lasterfahrer – Two Steps Backwards (Thugwidow Remix)

Three years since the release of ‘Swinging Flavors #9‘ from Ornette Hawkins, Beat Machine Records prepare to unleash the 10th edition of their club focussed 7-inch series, presenting a two track single from Hamburg-based breakcore producer Istari Lasterfahrer, bolstered with a power-pill remix from Thugwidow.

Istari Lasterfahrer has been producing his own take on gabber, early rave and jungle-inspired music since the early 90’s, releasing the majority of his productions through Sozialistischer Plattenbau. Following a string of ‘Acid Skanking‘ 7-inches on the aforementioned imprint, Lasterfahrer joins Beat Machine Records to deliver a potent blast of breakbeat energy.

Our pick from the 7-inch is Thugwidow’s remix of ‘Two Steps Backwards‘, a furious fusion of pent-up bass, hardcore tension and propulsive rave spirit, making this an absolute face melter, surefire to put a spring into your two-step skank and blast out the cobwebs from your speakers.

‘Swinging Flavors #10’ is scheduled for release 4 May via Beat Machine Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Two Steps Backwards
B1. Two Steps Backwards (Thugwidow Remix)