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Premiere: Panta Rex – Wachs

To coincide with the immediate release of Panta Rex‘s second album ‘V‘, today we shift our attention on the penultimate track from the limited edition cassette, issued on Cologne’s consistently experimental outpost Noorden.

Consisting of 12 tracks, ‘V‘ was created using a palette of sounds that are more darker than on the producers first album ‘LP1‘ , which was composed with modular drums and vibrant melodies shifting between meditative melancholic arpeggios, subtle textures of sparse cut-up samples, and emotional synths lines.

Spanning shape shifting electronica, chugging downtempo, leftfield house and flecks of hypnotic trance-induced shamanism, ‘V‘ ranges in a variety of textures to appeal to the most discerning of listeners. There’s a lot to love about this album, however it’s our premiere of ‘Wachs‘ that steals the limelight.

Kicking off with a gentle harmonic arpeggio, a downtempo beat sets the mood, enamoured with shimmering sun-drenched textures that provide a deeply heartfelt and entrancing feel. Dive into the magic.

‘V’ is scheduled for release on 14 April. Order a cassette copy from Bandcamp.


1. Klang Orange
2. A Japanese Castle
3. Verge
4. Sambi
5. Constant Tension
6. Azul
7. The Dwarf
8. Awakening Of The Giant (Trance Mix)
9. Beetle Ride
10. Beide
11. Wachs
12. Woodrow [Bonus Track]