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Fred Mann debuts on Counterchange with concept album ‘In Thy Domain’

British-born, now Berlin-based visual artist and producer Fred Mann joins Ed Davenport’s record label Counterchange in June to release his debut concept album and audio-visual opus ‘In Thy Domain‘.

Spanning 12 tracks, ”In Thy Domain’ is “a cinematic voyage tracking the evolution of mankind, key themes of human advancement, technology, life after AI, and beyond.” Exploring a potent array of genres – ambient, electronica, broken-beat techno, IDM and experimental drone – ‘In Thy Domain‘ is an all enveloping and immersive musical experience that mirrors the dynamism of human evolution.

The work aligns with the latest scientific knowledge, drawing inspiration from the tipping points of human civilisation and the defining timelines that have shaped our species. The music is complemented by a series of artworks and scrapbook images, visible in the vinyl gatefold version, symbolising each track and its corresponding era.

Many of the tracks feature additional production, synthesizers, flute and clarinet by Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear / Warp), and additional production and drum programming by Inland (Ed Davenport / Counterchange). The LP is presented on heavyweight double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve designed by the artist himself.

‘In Thy Domain’ is scheduled for release on 2 June via Counterchange. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store and digital from Bandcamp.


A1. Cometh
A2. Gate
A3. Remains
B1. The Plains
B2. Abundance
B3. Fuming
C1. What A Pity
C2. Horizon
C3. Ease
D1. Welcoming The Familiar Dream
D2. Zenith
D3. Entropics